Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thing 23: Making It All Work Together

I set up a Hootsuite account and added my twitter account and Linkedin account as these are my two professional social media accounts. I like to keep Facebook and Instagram for family, and am still feeling my way with google+.
To download the app on my iPad was straightforward, I did this via my twitter account. To add Linkedin I went to settings, clicked on the Linkedin banner, and then typed in my e-mail and password. It was very simple.

I posted an update to both my accounts at the same time by simply ticking both account icons when prompted, and did a  scheduled post by clicking on the date icon after writing another message, and setting the date and time via a roll menu. I can see how scheduled posts could be really handy for campaigns, such as the Summer Reading Challenge or shortlists for book awards, or even if I was away and wanted to keep up the interest and momentum of a project.
I do not  use any other social media management tools but think that Buffer may be useful. I like that when I find interesting content on the web I could use the 'buffer button' to save and schedule  the content for later. This would stop me from swamping twitter at any one time just because I had found a lot of interesting stuff at one sitting!

I don't have many social media accounts so don't find it difficult to keep up with them all per se. I do, however, find twitter very fast paced and can feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. To help a little with this I have started to use group headings, so that I can peruse particular areas of interest rather than reading everything.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and have learnt so much from it. As well as new ideas and apps, such as Flipbook and GUM, I feel that I have also gained a deeper understanding of the social media accounts that I was already using. It has given me lots of ideas of things that I can do in the library and has also helped make me feel more competant in  new and emerging technologies.


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