Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thing 18: Communicating through Photographs

I already have an Instagram account, and prefer to use this for family., so have decided to take on the Flickr challenge!
I opened a Flickr account, which was straightforward, and searched for libraries to follow. (I also folowed some travel accounts because the photos were so beautiful). I wasn't sure how to check for creative commons licence initially, but by clicking for more details the copywright was listed.

After doing Thing 19 on copyright I decided to delete the two photographs that were here as a record of my learning process! Not only were they not commons copyright, but by not referencing them fully I could not easily find them again. Another reason for full, accurate & attributable references.



Both Flickr & Instagram  applications could work very well in my library as another way to communicate with the wider community and attract new followers, but unfortunately our Media bods have directed us to only use Facebook & Twitter for fear of diluting our efforts and impact!

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