Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thing 22: Mobile Things

As an owner of an iPad I downloaded the Gum app easily and scanned and reviewed the two books I had just finished, Raven Girl (ISBN 978-0-224-09787-1)by Audrey Niffenegger and The Rithmatist (ISBN 978-1-4440-0953-8) by Brandon Sanderson.

The copies  of  The Fault in our Stars by John Green (ISBN 978-0-141-34565-9) and Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin (ISBN 978-0-00-754823-1) are all out in my library so I have not been able to scan them. So far any other book I scan doesn't yet have Gum attached to it!

I had briefly thought that Gum would be fun for my Chatterbooks group of 7-11 year-olds  but it would be a potential  safeguarding issue with the possibility for age inappropriate comments. I am also aware that not all of the children would have access to iPhones/smart phones and so potentially a Gum activity would not be inclusive.

I only got my iGadgets last year and so am still really enjoying the apps and different things I can do with them. I do use my phone for work purposes,and to extend my own CPD, with photos of displays and apps such as Easel.ly. Our branch has just been given its own smart phone, so sending things to twitter or Facebook are quite straightforward. I think that mobiles are amazing with all that they can do, but am also aware that as I work with children they can be a safeguarding issue. We do have procedures, as I am sure everyone does, if we wish to use someone's photo for library media.
We do not have a beacon in our library. I do you think it is too much like marketing and an invasion of privacy. I even feel bad that we sell toys, particularly when I hear littlies asking for things and their parents having to say no!
I will have a look at the 23 Mobile Things course. I am already thinking that I will miss Rudai 23 when it finishes. I have learnt so much already, and I am sure that I could learn a lot more about mobiles :-)
A picture of Harry, our library bear, just to counteract all this technological learning stuff!

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