Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thing 20: Presentations

Well, at last I have done my presentation! I wanted to wait until I had done my training weekend on Global Education. This proved to be as inspiring and informative as I had hoped, and has led to me producing a short PowerPoint presentation that I want to present to the school where I am a Governor.
Having an ipad means that downloading apps like Google Slides is easy, and although there were no instructions as such I found that it was relatively easy to navigate. I think the limitations of using the ipad showed itself when I tried to manipulate text and then share my PowerPoint presentation on here. I had to use my laptop for the latter. I am quite pleased with the result, it was simple and quick to produce, but I think that next time I would rather use something with a few more bells and whistles. I liked the look of Prezi, but the fact that you need Internet access would put me off as reception can vary and is not always guaranteed. So it looks like I may go back to PowerPoint which I have used lots of times before, and which I know is compatible with the library and school.

A Global Learning Presentation

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