Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thing 21: Creating Infographics

Here is a fun infograph of my ideal day. I can't believe how easy it was. I used an template on offer with the free usage sign-on, changed the script and added a few extra pictures. I didn't want to add many objects as I could see that it could start to look cluttered quite quickly.

Using infographs for presenting data could be more useful than the usual combinations of Excel and Powerpoint for children or those with special educational needs. I think that it would also be appealing for certain topics that are seen as difficult. For example, in our library we often have people come in to use the public computers who have never used them before. As staffing levels are cut and we find we cannot always devote as much time as we would like to help new computer users, an infograph might be a good way of giving instructions for creating an e-mail account or adding attachments to e-mails or suchlike. They might particularly serve as reminders for people who do not use computers often but are not complete novices.

 The only infographs I have seen used in my library are for staff training and corporate policy & strategy. I think that there is a huge scope for creating interesting infographs for use by the public. I am thinking of creating one for a class visit I have next week, showing the children all the things that the library has to offer. They are a Reception Class, so it might be a nice reminder for them to take back to school.

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