Friday, August 14, 2015

Thing 4- Google

Rudai Thing 4 - Google:

I must admit to being a little sceptical about using Google+ and the amount of information that they hold but as I already have a gmail account and use blogger I decided that integration seemed to make sense!
My picture for my Google+ is a cartoon/avatar version of me while I get used to privacy settings etc and I am enjoying playing with other tools such as photos and calendar. Joining the Rudai23 group on Google+ meant that I could create a circle and start to talk to people and I managed to download the Rudai23 blog list on to my blogger! I feel that I am learning so much and the support from the team and other participants is amazing. Next stop hangouts on air!



  1. I can relate to this blog,as I myself was a little sceptical , not wanting to gve my details ,having felt Facebook was enough.....but with security settings explained and installed its fine now and now I'm free to learn and enjoy the course.

  2. I am finding that this course is really good at explaining not only applications that I was unaware of but also the way that they work so that I can make informed decisions about what I want to do next.