Friday, August 21, 2015

Thing 7 : Podcasts

Podcasts are not directly relevant to my work at the moment but I have valued the insight into making them and will consider them in the future. 

I have listened  to the podcasts mentioned in 'Circulating Ideas' and 'Longform' and downloaded the app. They offer a great opportunity to hear what other professionals are doing and to be inspired by new and creative initiatives that can engage and support my readers. I also liked the notion of being in a loop of innovation and best practice. I would like to find some more podcasts that focus on UK librarians and those working within schools.

I continue to listen to my old favourites like 'In Our Time' and 'From Our Own Correspondant'. I find that they are a fascinating insight into the world and its beauty & complexity as well as often sparking off ideas for further research for initiatives, displays, themes and the like!

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