Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thing 10- Live Streaming

This has been an amazing week for learning new skills and having fun. If there were a prize for most expanded head in one week I think that I should get it!!
I have;
  1. Had a google hangout session with my son who is in Finland. Really lovely
  2. Downloaded Periscope on to my ipad and as well as viewing other live videostreams from the Canaries and London I also did my own live broadcast this morning! Before the library opened I did a tour of the children's library with commentary. Surprisingly easy.
  3. Not forgetting of course the video of the bike meet for the last thing, which was the hardest challenge so far.

Now that I know how easy  streaming live events from the library is the possibilities seem endless.. When we have events or speakers it might be nice to publicise that people can also watch from home (particularly valuable for the housebound). It would also be nice to link with local schools; it could even be something as simple as linking for a storytime from the children's area with Harry the Bear and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow!

I look forward to looking at online conferences etc for my CPD and own interest.
I have really enjoyed this Thing 10.


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  1. Here is my first periscope tour: