Monday, September 28, 2015

Thing 17 Reflective Practice

Coming from a teaching background I have a strong sense of reflective practice and responsbility for my own CPD. It was actually part of my PGCE and teaching practices to reflect on lessons I had taken: what went well, what was learnt, what would I do differently etc etc, and I think that I have carried this over into my library work. I think it is good to be open to learning new things and considering new possibilities and new ways of doing things. I love the autonomy within my role that allows me to look at different ways of sharing what we do in the library within the community, and providing different ways to access our resources. Although I am only a very small cog in a huge machine, I have found the Rudai23 course has given me lots of ways of connecting with other professionals and expanding on the work of our library. Reflective practice, like learning itself, is a continual process and very relevant to the expanding needs of library users. I will continue with my blog as I use all the new tools (such as streaming, collaboration & professional organisations) to connect with the bigger questions whilst trying new ways of expanding what we do in the library.


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