Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thing 14: Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, how exciting! I just had to have a go on Aurasma and create something.It's MO was not that obvious, but now when I scan the book I am reading at the moment the app plays Humpty Dumpty! This is not as random as it sounds as my next step will be to do the same on our library posters advertising rhymetime. I am very happy at this small achievement.
For the Summer Reading Challenge we had a treasure hunt with poster pictures supplied by the Reading Agency. By downloading a Solars app children could then scan the posters and see the characters moving. It was very popular and I think that a lot of our posters could be more interactive with maps and further information. Although this seems a bit gimmicky it could soon expand to information portals without initial overcrowding of information. One of our remits is to have an uncluttered Environment, good in principle but not always easy as a public library!