Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thing 11 - Reflective Practice

Reflection - Deep thinking

I am doing this course as part of my personal CPD. I was really lucky to find out about it through one of the library groups I follow (I think it was SLS on google?). I work in a public library so there isn't any money for training outside of that which is deemed integral to the role or with new ways of working, and much of this is done inhouse. I have relished the chance to connect with other professionals and learn about things that could expand the work I do in the children's library and promote my library in the wider community.

I started the course a little late but find the reflective sessions helpful both as breathing spaces and as consolidation tools to deepen learning, My advice to other participants would be to do the work little and often; even if it is just to read the notes or look at one link it all helps and means that you have done something on those busy days.

I have contacted the Rudai team once with a technical question via email and they replied quickly and succinctly without making me feel daft! It does feel as if there is an invisible wall of professionals supporting and willing us on which can only be good!!

This is a picture of one of the craft sessions I did this summer; from high tech wizardry to paper chains & origami dogs :-)


  1. I'm enjoying your blog. It's great to read, well-written and concise. Hope to see plenty more of the same. xxx

  2. Great origami dogs! I've enjoyed reading your blog as I'm also in public libraries, I can't imagine a more varied job!

  3. Thank you Emily! I love working in a public library, the only shadow really being the general uncertainity of the future of libraries. I am looking forward to Thing 15 on advocacy.