Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thing 16: Collaboration Tools

I have commented on the shared Google Doc and added to the main body of text. It seemed easy enough and I think it could work well for working with colleagues from other libraries. I do wonder if it is possible to maintain a version of the original for comparison, but perhaps this is just up to individuals to keep a hard copy if they want to.

Doodle meeting is something I can see myself using very soon. The last meeting I had to organise involved referring  to peoples google calendars and then e-mailing all via group e-mails or individually. It got a little frustrating at times as people would say that they couldn't do dates that were clear on their diaries. A very messy, inefficient way of doing things I thought. My only question is whether it would be easy to get others to sign up to doodle initially?

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